Simple Attack Bot – Source Code

Simple Attack Bot

Simple Attack BotThis Simple Attack Bot, is a script written in AutoIt (v3), which can do some basic functions. It will allow you to cast upto 10 different spells at various times, setup buffing, as well as attacking and target acquiring. It will auto detect when your health or mana is low, and also spin to acquire new targets. This is a stationary bot, but could probably be used as a follow bot as well.

Please note, this Simple Attack Bot is only code and should be compiled to run. All credit goes to the original author. If you want to change the code, please leave a comment stating what you have changed and why, so we can compile a better bot, which can be used across all games. If you make a change for a specific game, let us know what you did as well.

Simple Attack Bot

This bot was originally intended for Archeage, but there is no reason it couldn't be mildly changed to run with other games as well.

2 Responses to Simple Attack Bot – Source Code

  1. Real Developer says:

    I think using AutoIt to cheat at video games is pretty much the definition of being a loser.

  2. Spitt says:

    And that is one prerogative, for which you are welcome. Alternatively, a person trolling a web site which is clearly meant for game cheaters or those looking for walkthroughs and guides, could also be considered a loser – but thats just another prerogative.

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