5 DLCs for Battlefield 4 Free + Discounted Purchase

Battlefield 4 Free-ishIf you don't already have an Origin account, you're going to need one to get these 5 DLCs for Battlefield 4 Free + Discounted Purchase. Battlefireld 4's DLC expansions are all on sale via Origin, for free. Origin decided to compete directly with Steam (hasn't gone so well), but they have a give-away for all of the BF4 expansions. You just need to full game to play (which I have that discounted purchase for you below).

5 DLCs for Battlefield 4 Free

Each of these expansions are free via Origin:

What it doesn't include is a copy of Battlefield 4. Now you can purchase it on Origin for $19.99, or you can purchase it from our partner, Kinguin for $8.50-$12.50. Really, you just can't go wrong here with all the expansions and the original game - and maybe it will help gear you up for the new Battlefield game coming out soon...

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