Battlefield 4 Multihack

The Battlefield 4 Multihack is actually a collection of game hacks, within one little package. Today, we're providing you the source code for this Battlefield 4 Multihack in the form of an AutoHotKey script, which you can download and adapt to your needs, or even to recompile, recode, or update as needed.

Battlefield 4 Multihack

Battlefield 4 Multihack AHK Script SourceThis Battlefield 4 Multihack, contains each of the following game hacks for BF4:

  • NoRecoil
  • NoSpread
  • NoBreath
  • MiniMap Spotting
  • External Radar (with included overlay)

Instructions for Battlefield 4 Multihack use - Run game, run script, Press Numpad 0 to focus on menu.

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