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    Failure to follow the rules will have you silenced and/or banned with no refunds paid if you paid for access/features.

    1. No spamming.
    2. No flaming or personal attacks.
    3. No threatening others.
    4. No Vulgarity
    5. Please do a thorough search before you post something “new”.
    6. No explicit images or memes.
    7. No posting others’ personal information.
    8. No advertising.
    9. No trolling.
    10. No one word replies to boost post count.
    11. No posting the same message in multiple forums unless replying to another person.
    12. No uploading files here for cracked or pirated software/guides – please use mega instead.
      • No passwords on files or downloads
      • If you write a game hack or bot, be prepared to show code to an Admin or Moderator on request.
    13. If you are banned in a game, please tell us which game and why you think you were banned – ie harrassment, bot, game hack, etc.
    14. Trading, Selling, Buying for game items/accounts is allowed

    If you are posting a bug or cheat, and aren’t sure how you did it, try to be as verbose as possible. Explain what you did, even if you are sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the process, it might still be useful in ruling out.

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