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    Over this weekend, we had a blackout of sorts, Site Down; Server Attack. It wasn’t a DDOS attack, but it was a bit like one. Our server was actually taken in a zombie like attack, in order to attack someone else’s site, which likely took it down. And for that, I apologize to the victim, its a new attack type called Memcache. It basically allows someone to request a file over and over, or several large ones with a spoofed IP. So the server thinks its real, because the request for a file was sent from a seemingly legal IP. They do this over and over to attack another site. In the meantime however, because it’s sucking down so much bandwidth, no one else can access the site. 

    Site Down; Server Attack

    In an effort to stop these attacks, our host caused the files to only be sent to our own server, basically making it a useless attack. This should behave in this way from now on, which means this attack type is closed. However a send problem also happened while we were mitigating the attack. In an effort to halt these types of attacks, I went ahead and ordered Cloudflare’s services including their SSL token. At first, this was seemingly working, but then for whatever reason, it caused issues with Cloudflare saying that our server was down. We believe it was the mitigation of the attack combined with Cloudflare’s service which did us in.

    We’re not out of the woods yet. We still plan to utilize Cloudflare’s anti-DDOS service as well as their SSL token, to make this a more secure website and prevent more attacks from happening in the future.

    We would like to also apologize to all the players who were looking for the newest cheats, which we weren’t able to provide over the weekend. However, we did do something more positive, which was to get the whole of that 55gb worth of game files, over the weekend. This means we have several guides from Prima, Killer, Brady, and more. Many of them are for RPGs, some of them are for MMOs, but all of them will be available to everyone, once a secure location is found to host them all.

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    Update on the eGuides: I have started uploading them to a temporary spot. This will just be a backup, until I can get them somewhere on a cloud host. It’s going to take me about 2 days to get them all uploaded. The person I was downloading them from, actually lost some of his backup, because some azzhat was deleting them. Luckily I think we have got them all secure now. I still can’t believe you guys are going to be getting access to around 500 game eguides in total!

    In other news, we will be taking the server down, probably on Tuesday night, when this site has the least amount of traffic, in an attempt to get the SSL up and running correctly. If it’s not working, we will revert in a few hours. If the site seems to be down, just wait an hour, clear your cache/cookies to this site, and refresh the page.

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    So the good news, is I know why the server went offline again. Once I tried to enable Cloudflare’s ssl and snti-ddos tech, all traffic gets routed from their server, which caused my firewall to assume we were being attacked. All this means, is that we will need to whitelist those IPs. We will also need to whitelist those from a couple other sites, and update their information on how they connect to us. Since we’re about to hit the weekend, means I will wait till next monday/tuesday night to try again.

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    Bleh, anytime I take the site and put it on cloudflare, I can’t access the site. Cancelled the ssl service, and upgraded the firewall service instead for now.

    Also, finally got all 500+ eGuides uploaded on a host. For members, I will create a link for easy download. For non-members, you’re going to need to either subscribe or try to download via a survey. I cannot offer these guides for free, since they will suck down too much bandwidth, and not help cover costs – which are getting more expensive each month.

    I also want to again apologize for the lack of posts. Had to do a last minute run out of town to take a family member to the hospital. Things should normalize on Monday, when I can again start posting regularly.

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