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    Teamspeak Badge Codes via Gamescom 2018Apparently, Teamspeak Badge Codes are a thing. An associate of mine recently visited Gamescom and picked up 4 codes for Teamspeak Badges. I am going to share those codes, for any of you who actually still uses TS. I know most of you have switched over to Discord so it’s not going to help you otherwise. But if anyone else wants to share a code, then by all means leave a reply and do so below…

    Teamspeak Badge Codes via Gamescom 2018

      • Gamescom Hero 2018 : BJCFQBU53C 
      • Found Tim Speak : XJN4WJZEJN
      • RocketBeansTV-Badge: RWGE2NURJZ
      • Visited Ts at Gamescom: 8CXB49KPJ4

    Don’t forget to share any other game code you might have, besides these Teamspeak Badge Codes.

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