Doom 4 Beta Invite with purchase of Wolfenstein

Doom 4 Beta Invite

If you are or were a Doom fan, then this might be right up your alley. It's now possible to get your own Doom 4 Beta Invite guaranteed, with an amazing deal. In order to get your Doom 4 Beta Invite, all you need to do, is pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order. Once you pre-order it, you will be given a code, which will get you the Doom 4 Beta Invite.

Official news on getting your Doom 4 Beta Invite via GameSpot...

Doom 4 Beta InviteAccording to Bethesda an insert will be included inside your boxed copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order. This insert will include a key code along with code redemption instructions for your Doom 4 Beta Invite. Once the key code is redeemed, you'll be registered to participate in the Doom beta once it begins.

MachineGames' Wolfenstein: The New Order is due out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on 23rd May 2014, so the Doom 4 Beta Invite won't be available until some point after then.

To redeem your code, once you've received your boxed copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order, return to and follow the code redemption instructions located on the enclosed Doom beta insert. Once you enter your code you will be asked to provide a valid email address. Bethesda will then contact you at a later date through the email address provided with further instructions.

... and in case you want to see the trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order, check it out below - I am highly tempted to get this game myself, after watching the trailer...


Doom 4 Beta Invite

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