StarCraft 2: AI Multi-Player, Beta Maps (more)

Hi all, below you will find a bunch of the same maps (as listed in the previous post), the only difference being the maps include their original loading screen and some debug information (only when you start playing the map) which displays the map name, the number of AI opponents and their race (Zerg, Terran, Protoss), you do NOT have to update your current maps to the ones listed below, this was only done for some users who requested it.

I have also included an "AI Developer Map Pack", which will help the AI gurus develop some better AI for all of us, these maps are exactly the same with one exception, you are only a spectator (watch the computer duel it out).
Note: The AI dev pack only includes 1 of each map, with the maximum supported players.

See the Previous Guide, I posted to find out how to set up Starcraft 2 Beta!

2 Player Map(s) (You & 1x AI):

Joana's Legendary Starcraft 2 Strategies

3 Player Map(s) (You & 2x AI):

4 Player Map(s) (You & 3x AI):

Top Starcraft II Strategy Guide

5 Player Map(s) (You & 4x AI):

6 Player Map(s) (You & 5x AI):

Complete Map pack (Includes all the above maps):

AI Developer Map Pack:

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