Starcraft 2: datamining – tilesets

Hero_Lief has discovered tilesets for the GalaxyEditor, the official editor which will be released with the official Starcraft II. There is a description as well as images of what they will look like.

Starcraft 2 Tileset descriptions;

  • Agria (Grassy/forest)
  • Aiur (Ruins)
  • Albion (Rocky/grassland)
  • Avernus (Rustic ruins)
  • Bel Shir (Grass/forest/dirt)
  • Braxis (Dark rocks/installation)
  • Castanar (Frozen installation? There's no outside...)
  • Char (Lava/Dirt)
  • Haven (Basically the Lordaeron Summer tileset of Starcraft 2)
  • Helios (Desert)
  • Korhal (There are tilesets of Korhal1 - Korhal8, each tileset has one texture? Also, dirt/installation/cityscape)
  • Mar Sara (Desert/Barren rock/installation)
  • Meinhoff (A twilight landscape, but uses "white sand" as well...)
  • Monlyth (Moon/rock)
  • New Folsom (Rustic dirt installation)
  • Niflheim (The real snow/ice! Only one of the 8 tiles is installation)
  • Port Zion (darkish dirt installation, rustic, lots of vents, so old really)
  • Redstone (Just what it says... Looks like red sulfur and lava)
  • Shakuras (Twilight/snow/dark rock)
  • Tasonis (Surprisingly, darkish tan dirt/sand and installation)
  • Typhon (Same deal as Korhal...? Also, kind of hard to see, but it looks like very VERY dark red rocks... No lava however)
  • Tyrador (The SC2 version of the WC3 tileset "Cityscape", but in the future. Dirt, sand, and lots of tiles, little installation)
  • Ulaan (Dark rock/moon rock)
  • Valhalla (Bright sand, dark rocks, and installation)
  • Xil (Sand/dirt/one spec of grass)
  • Zhakuldas (Frozen swamp-like, soggy blue soil, dark rocks)

Starcraft II tileset pictures;

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