Starcraft 2 (SC2): Playing a better AI, StarCrack

by Hoodedsniper

Why use a new AI?

We all know that the SC2 Beta AI is just too easy. Basically a couple of units win you the game. Not very helpful, if you aren't being pressured enough to really play your best. Obviously playing on the ladder will always be the best practice, but this is not for trying out a new strategy, more of macro/micro practice but mainly macro.

This AI provides you a less stressful gameplay where you do not need to worry about strategy too much, or the anticipation of cheese. The AI plays a standard level of play and does harass so you do need to worry about that. It is also much more focused to lower level players such as copper/bronze/silver to get a good feel of build orders in a somewhat standard game, as well as macro. Gold and Platinum players could also use this to test out new build orders and timing, but would not benefit as much as a lower level player.

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  1. Download the new AI-Links at the bottom.
  2. Extract all the files into your c:Program filesStarcraft II Beta, folder
  3. You can edit the AI difficulty by modifying the AIdifficulty.galaxy

*Important Notes*

The files that get replaced do not mess up the ability to play on ladder or The file it changes is only connected to the AI of the game, however this AI will become obsolete once the full SC2 campaign is released, as it would affect that.

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