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This 150k Silver hourly BDO fishing guide is unreal. Imagine going AFK for an hour and coming back to 150k in items ready to be sold at a trader. This is a powerful Sivler Farming Guide for any Black Desert Online adventurer. Now imagine what could happen if you went to sleep for 8 hours... amazing!

150k Silver hourly BDO fishing150k Silver hourly BDO fishing guide

Before I go into this more, I need to go over something here. Fishing while AFK is allowed with the TOS. It is completely legal under the game rules, and it's part of the game mechanics to allow you to do this. Second, you need to understand that this is neither a complete fishing guide, nor a complete trader guide. It's a little of both, and not at all. I am simply going to point you to where you need to go, and other pertinent information.

On that note, you should also know that with fishing it's entirely possible to make 500k silver an hour, however there are locations which are not usually shared, called Hotspots. These so-called hotspots are locations where a fishing node has been found which is persistent. 

If one of our VIP members wants to share the location, write it in the comments, and before approving, I will move the info to the hidden VIP area below. We need the minimap and a picture of the exact spot to fish, since nodes are hard to find otherwise.


We hope you enjoyed this 150k Silver hourly BDO guide. Credit for this Black Desert Guide goes to:

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