AFK Strength Leveling Cheat – Black Desert Online

In order to do AFK Strength Leveling, you need to AFK Strength Leveling Cheatunderstand one thing in this game - you can do anything AFK, as long as your character is able to actually do it. For example, Fishing is completely allowed to do AFK, in fact, it's built into the game and is allowed. So how can we level strength AFK? Well we're going to have to use some clever Black Desert Online Cheating.

Because AFK Fishing is allowed, the game client doesn't actually check to ensure that you are active and doing anything, which is how we will get away with this AFK Strength Leveling in the first place.

AFK Strength Leveling Cheat

To start off, understand that you cannot use the keyboard for this. Because of that, we can't use a macro to level our strength. Instead, we will need a bit of ingenuity. So instead of a keyboard, we're going to use a controller. If you have a Steam Controller  it should work well. Otherwise an XBox or other game controller will also work (I have a N64 Controller Adapter and an N64 controller that works well for me), as long as it's compatible with your version of Windows.


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