Black Desert Online Bot – Free to use (while in beta)

Black Desert Online BotEvery once in a while, something pops up, which seems newsworthy. For us, it's the fact that there is a Black Desert Online Bot which is Free to use while in beta. It hosts plenty of features, which I will list below. But rest assured, it does include a Fishing Bot - which is one of my personal favorites in any game.

Now as I mentioned, the bot itself is free to use, while it's in beta testing. The actual cost may or many not have a monthly/yearly fee. You will have to check their forums to find out what the pricing structure will be. Since it's free for now however, we highly recommend jumping on the free bandwagon and using it to your heart's content.

Black Desert Online Bot Features :

  • AutoFisher (Alt+F)
    • Set it and forget it.
    • Fishes with the game fully minimized.
    • Plays the mini-game perfectly every time.
    • Changes poles when your current one breaks.
    • Equips any fishing pole in your inventory.
    • Displays how long it will take to catch a fish.
    • Deletes lowest quality fish when your inventory fills up, so you don't miss out on high-value fish.
    • Deletes broken and un-repairable fishing poles.
    • Deletes fishing junk.
  • AutoLooter (Alt+L)
    • Picks up loot near you instantly and seamlessly (currently non-group only).
  • De-camouflage
    • Shows the name and guild of people using the Treant set to hide. No more pay-to-win advantage.
  • MiniGamer
    • Automatically plays the milking and horse taming mini-games.
  • AutoResell (Alt+S)
    • Resells the last item you registered on the marketplace for the same price (Incredibly useful for items that don't stack, and the price fluxuates quickly)
  • AmityHelper (Alt+A)
    • Plays the last round of cards you played in the Amity minigame.
  • Captcha Bypass

Full Featured BDO Guide

Get the Free2Use Black Desert Online Bot

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