BDO Speed and Attack hack

BDO Speed and Attack hackThe BDO Speed and Attack hack we are about to expose to you, is truly amazing to behold. Not only does movement speed increase, but also attack speed. It works in PVE against mobs. It should never be used in PVP. Using in PVP will be an insta ban.

It reminds me of the old speedhack from around 20 years ago, which would speed up the whole processor. Mind you, the game speed would completely speed up, even the mobs. But alas, it meant a level 20 player, could decimate a level 100 player, as the 100 would move at a crawl comparetively. It only worked in PVP. 

BDO Speed and Attack hack

BDO Speed and Attack hack works for NA/EU and SEA client, they might try to support different regions later.


  • Attack speed hack
  • Movement speed hack
  • Instant auto loot everything around you
  • XignCode proof


  • Run Loader.exe as admin, then start the game, the hack will load itself automatically.
  • Once ingame you can use the following chat commands :
    • /attackspeed X (X being the speed factor)
    • /movespeed X (X being the speed factor)
    • /autoloot 1/0 (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled)
  • To make sure it's loaded you can type "/whatever" in the chat, if the text isn't processed by the game, you are good to go 🙂

Future Plans:

They are also working on in game scripting capability so they can make a fish bot, market bot, etc.

Video Proof:

BDO Speed and Attack hack download:

As a reminder, we highly suggest you use the following tools to prevent discovery of your game hack, even though the creaters claim it is XingCode proof.

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