Find any Player trick – Black Desert Online

Find any Player trick for BDOWe're not going to judge why you want to use this Find any Player trick, because we know that there are many uses which can be used with this trick. For example, you see someone who wants to trade an item, they are willing to meet you halfway. Are they actually travelling somewhere to meet you, or are they laying in ambush with some guildmates? 

Find any Player trick for BDO

Or maybe you want to use this Find any Player trick because there's this one guy who just annoys the crap out of you or constantly talks trash in chat, and you want to "talk" to him a bit more personally.

If you're looking for a good fishing spot, or maybe a good farming spot, or just want to pk someone from a rival guild, this Find any Player trick is your meal ticket. It will cost you 5 energy, but well worth it for the right buyers.

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