Level Horse Stats Fast Endless Gallop AutoRun – Black Desert Online Cheat

Level Horse Stats Fast BDO CheatI am sure by now you have found that you can Level Horse Stats Fast when you gallop, but it only lasts so much, before the gallop ends. Well here's a way to give you an Endless Gallop Autorun. Now mind you, while I call it endless, it's not - and you won't be able to do it AFK. In fact you will need to be active and at the computer while you play Black Desert online.

Level Horse Stats Fast - BDO Cheat

Since Horse experience seems to be from distance traveled, the fact that you can set it to do an "Endless Gallop" run, means that you are going to level that much quicker. But there are dangers to running your horse at full speed. Just like in real life, your horse won't be able to turn as quick, so the risks are running off your chosen path and into the water or some other sticky situation. But if you can find a somewhat straight path, then you will easily be able to Level Horse Stats Fast with this BDO Cheat.

The first and most important step to this Level Horse Stats Fast BDO Cheat, is to find the right location to use it. For that, we're going to head to the straightest path we can find. If you know of a path you think it would be faster on, go ahead and post it in the comments below.I have leveled several mounts this way, using this Level Horse Stats Fast BDO Cheat. If you find another cheat, we're always happy to give free access to this site, write it up and submit your guide/cheat/exploit here.

image credit to Tariq Dajani

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