More Worker Stamina – Black Desert Online Cheat

More Worker StaminaThis More Worker Stamina, is an unconfirmed Black Desert Online Cheat. We know we're missing a step, but we're posting it for our members anyways. It basically allows you to recover stamina, while your workers are still working. We aren't sure if it's a glitch or a stamina dupe, but we do know we need your help sorting it out.

More Worker Stamina unconfirmed BDO cheat

I wanted to recover more worker stamina and first clicked "recover all". The 2nd window then opens where you have to again click "cancel" or "recover all". This is where the More Worker Stamina Cheat comes into play - and I am still not completely sure on the steps or how I did it. If you figure it out, post in the comments below, and I will add the steps (without posting it for all to read so it remains private).

Now this Unconfirmed BDO Cheat for More Worker Stamina could simply could be a visual glitch, or it could be a stamina dupe. I don't know at this point, and need help testing further.

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