Perma Stun Bosses – Fixed? Black Desert Online

Perma Stun Bosses trick

What is the Perma Stun Bosses Trick? It's a trick which while harnessing the power of an in-game item which can be purchased from a couple different NPC vendors for Contribution Points, will allow you to permanently stun any and all bosses, including World bosses.

There is a rumor going around that this exploit to Perma Stun Bosses is fixed. I am not entirely sure this is true, so i am going to leave it up to you to figure that out or not - or if it's just a rumor to get people to stop doing it. Just let us know in the comments below if it truly is fixed or not. Supposedly some people are still doing it and some are even streaming it - thus the question at to the validity of the rumor.

Perma Stun Bosses trick

The Perma Stun Bosses trick is performed using an item which you will pick up with Contribution Points from various NPCs.

While you could kill the boss with 2 persons using this Perma Stun Bosses method, I strongly recommend doing it with at least 20 people when trying this on a World Boss, as its going to take a while to kill him (Large HP pool) [40 people should be able to kill one in ~8 mins]. If you try this on other bosses, you won't need that amount of people.

WARNING: One thing to consider about this Perma Stun Bosses trick, is that the more people who know about this, the more likely a ban/suspension could be incoming. It's best to do it yourself, or likely with one other close friend you find from sites like this - who isn't going to report you.

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