Fountain Water Collection Trick – Black Desert Online

Fountain Water Collection TrickHere's a Fountain Water Collection Trick for if you've been using our Water Collection Macro to collect water while AFK. You might have come up with a problem taking the water out of a fountain. Since weight is a big deciding factor in Black Desert Online, once you're over your 130% carrying capacity when you come back to your computer, you might have been forced to drop some of the weight to get out.

Fountain Water Collection Trick

I am not saying that this Fountain Water Collection Trick will work in all cases, and you're going to need to perfect it, before you can do it with absolute certainty. I have my faith in you however, that you will be able to master it, once you see the picture within.

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If you find other ways to use this Fountain Water Collection Trick, let us know in the comments below.

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