What is a Node? A Black Desert Online Guide

What is a Node? A node is a point on the map that contains either a small village / farm, a city or a point of interest. A few node examples are when we find them in Farms, Cities, and Points of Interest. I will go into that a bit more below.

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What is a Node?

Farming Node

  • Gathering Node(s)
  • Houses for Storage Upgrades

City Node

  • Links to New Node Networks
  • Arrays of Housing options for Crafting/Storing

Point of Interest (POI) Node

  • Intermediary point between nodes to cover vast areas
  • Points to control with guild(s) (World PvP)

What is a node?For each place, you need to find the local NPC that has the title of "Node Management". They will allow you to unlock that map point, which will either start or add to a certain network of nodes. The City is the main node focal point, and it is where all the Workers that will do Gathering and Crafting while you are off killing, will lay their heads to rest.

The Points of Interest can be useful to control trade routes with a guild (taxation of goods that are shipped between two nodes), and can become quite the hub of World PvP.

Farms are a storage upgrade spot (and sometimes even a residential place), where you may find some form of gathering node associated with the farm. An example is Velia, and the four main farms surrounding that contain Corn, Chicken and Potato harvesting points.

Gaining Control of The Harvesting Nodes

Once you have talked to the Node Management NPC and claimed the node, you will be able to unlock the associated harvesting points in that node with Contribution points. After you have unlocked that harvesting point, you can send a worker to do the dirty work and make you money.

Controlling Points of Interest

Once you are in a guild, the guild can claim ownership of a node for a fee (I have not gone this far into the game yet so I'll leave that for someone else).

Unlocking Cities will allow you to make bigger and bigger trade routes, and allow you to buy and sell goods and services between trade hubs. Going between Velia and one of the farms, you can bring goods from the farm to sell in the City, as well as bring city goods to bring to the farm for traders. The markets fluctuate based on supply and demand. The further you transport goods from the source of production, the more money you can make. But be wary of Bandits along your journey, and not just NPC bandits. Real players can attack you while you travel, though they may or may not get your trade pack.

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What is a Node? guide for Black Desert Online written by Veritable

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