Black Ops 2: Beginners Weapons Guide and Tips

A Black Ops 2 weapons guide that will give you some tips for online gameplay when you are trying to create the perfect class and pick the best weapons. Of course what it really comes down to is practice and playing enough to know your style.

From my experience you will either be better stealthier with the Sniper rifle or you will be better suited to the SMG and then of course you have got everything in-between that. The main thing that you want to start off doing is find out what sort of player you are.

Black Ops 2 GuruIf you find yourself rushing around each map like a headless chicken you can then pick the perks that give you a longer sprint and more health. If you are stealthier you will want to go for perks that stop you being discovered for longer.

Weapon Tips:

As an extra tip the main thing to remember is that the weapons you pick are closely linked to the map you are on. If you are in a tight map you might want to go for a SMG that has very fast fire but is only good for short range and likewise if you find yourself on a map with a lot of high ground you could opt for sniping.

Once you have found your play-style you can then pick your weapons and perks a lot easier.

Of course as general tips here are some that will help.

They seem simple but I see so many people make these mistakes:

Are you working with a Full Clip?

Make sure you reload every time you are out of a fire fight and to gain a bit of extra protection make sure you are prone when you reload or at least on the move.

Say it, Don’t Spray it

Another really big issue with noobs is that they see the enemy, get excited and then spray their bullets in the general direction. Make sure you aim FIRST before shooting and you can aim for the chest and then aim a little bit up as you are firing.

The recoil of most guns will help with this and you could end up with a headshot!

Practice Makes Perfect

As mentioned above practice is key but NOT just to get better with your reactions and aiming. By playing a lot you will find weapons that you love and others that you are not so keen on so make sure you play a lot.

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