Black Ops 2: Noob guide to Maps

Sooner or later no matter how good your reactions are or how well you are doing you can become a MUCH better player by knowing the maps off by heart. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this and it will involve putting quite a few hours into play in order to learn a map but we suggest that you stick to one map until you feel that you know it well.

If you want to be a better player online and need some help perfecting your skills you can check out our other BO2 guides as well.

Here are some general Call of Duty Black Ops 2 map tips:


Black Ops 2 GuruObviously positioning is paramount but what you can do if you can’t work a map out is play a few team games and see who is consistently scoring near the top. Then stick to them like glue for a few rounds and you will be able to see the weapons they are using and more often than not where the best places are on the map.

Easy Way To Get The Edge:

You can see in the video above that we use the Guardian and that will let you know if someone is sneaking up behind you as well as fixing the cross hairs on the door. While rooms are not the best place to stay too long you should be able to ramp up a few kills this way.

Choke Points:

To find the choke points you can hang around the best players and follow them to see where they go but you can also use your ears. In general if you are in a wide open map and you hear a lot of sniper fire you know that there are some pretty awesome choke points.

As a general rule search around the edges of the maps where no-one can get behind you easily and you will see that there is only one way the enemy can come toward you.


The problem with choke points is that although they will be good to get the advantage you will face the toughest competition as all the best players try and get there as quickly as possible. This is negated a little by the fact that MOST maps will have more than just one choke point. So the key here is to keep on the move and alternate between them.

Have you found yourself missing an edge, when it comes to Black Ops 2? Maybe you have found that your friends seem to get more kills then you do. Or perhaps you die a lot more times. You might even have asked your friends for tips, but they can’t quite put into words what they are doing different. Whatever the issue is, this guide will not only help you to get even in skills with your friends, but to surpass them so that they are asking you for tips, rather then the other way around.

I read Black Ops 2 Guru’s guide, and went from the bottom of the leader board to #2 in a matter of days! Obviously results vary, but that’s why they offer a full 60 day guarantee. If you can’t get better with this guide, ask for a full refund, and they will grant it, no questions asked.


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