Call Of Duty – Black Ops 2: Beginners Tips For Online Play

When you are starting out with Black Ops 2 it can be tough! This guide will show you a video that will give you some general tips that you can use if you are brand new to the game. The video was actually put together by watching the biggest errors that noobs make and you will see that most of them are not picking the right weapon for the job, not using the secondary weapons well, and of course the main problem is the skill level and reflexes which there is no substitute for practice.

After the video, continue reading on, for our best tips to get yuo started in mastering Black Ops 2.

Be the one that everyone fears to play against

General BO2 Tips

Understand Custom Classes

If you want to do well online you will need to understand custom classes and which weapons to pick. Of course you will have to play the game to get a feel for your favourite weapons but once you have them you should also bear in mind the map you are playing on.

For instance if you are playing a small, close knit map with a lot of action going on you can use a sub-machine gun and if you are playing Domination you can use kill streaks like Guardian as that will help protect your objectives.

Controller Sensitivity

Another awesome tip is that when you start playing you should have the sensitivity lower. Now this will not work for everyone but if you find the movement too fast with your scope and are getting overwhelmed and end up spraying this may help you.

Start off on a lower setting and then gradually increase the sensitivity.

On a lower setting you will get killed more but it will also help you get more accurate until you are ready for the faster setting.

Know Your Weapons

You should know each weapon’s capabilities, and then how best to handle them for which situation. Knowing which weapon works best for you and your playstyle, will help you to dominate the maps. This is where our weapon guide and video will best help you.


This has to be the BIGGEST mistake that noobs on the game make apart from bad aim! Make sure after each fire fight you are safe and reload behind cover.

That way you will be able to take on multiple enemies in most cases without having to worry about running out of ammo.

All Else Fails = Switch

Another good tactic if you are caught in a fire fight and run out of ammo is to switch to your pistol. This will catch most new players unaware and you will get the kill. You can also alter this if you want and run at them with the knife when you are in close.

Watch For Skulls!

If you keep an eye out for skull symbols you will know that someone on your team has just died and you know what that means? Someone killed them! Keeping an eye on the skulls you will be able to tell when you are walking into a fire fight and also you may be able to ambush the enemy!

The Biggest BO2 Tip I Can Give You:


There is no easy way to do this – just keep on playing and try and stick to one map until you have mastered it. We have another map guide and video which will explain the choke points and what you need to be aware of but if you know a map well you have a HUGE advantage.

Have you found yourself missing an edge, when it comes to Black Ops 2? Maybe you have found that your friends seem to get more kills then you do. Or perhaps you die a lot more times. You might even have asked your friends for tips, but they can’t quite put into words what they are doing different. Whatever the issue is, this guide will not only help you to get even in skills with your friends, but to surpass them so that they are asking you for tips, rather then the other way around.

I read Black Ops 2 Guru’s guide, and went from the bottom of the leader board to #2 in a matter of days! Obviously results vary, but that’s why they offer a full 60 day guarantee. If you can’t get better with this guide, ask for a full refund, and they will grant it, no questions asked.


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  1. Many thanks! I don’t think these tips are for BO2 specifically. All these tips apply to ALL the Call of Duty games. Maybe you should consider changing the title? Just sayin’
    But these ARE good tips for beginners and highlights most mistakes made by newbies, so good job!

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