COD: Black Ops 2 Weapons Mod List


In this guide I will simply be listing the weapon attachments on Black Ops 2. Before I get started, let me say, please feel free to ask questions below in the comments section..

The kill streaks WILL NOT apply to all weapons. Some things will only apply to pistols, or some things may only apply to sniper rifles. So keep that in mind when reading.

Weapons attachments

ACOG- Well this attachments has been in every Call of Duty game. Basically this is a short distance scope that allows for quick access to the gun. Very effective at short to medium distance ranges.

Adjustable stock - This will essentially allow you to move around easier while you are in scope or while aiming.

Ballistic CPU - This will allow you to have less movement while in scope, or while aiming.

Dual Band - This is a night vision camera with a built in thermal scope.

Akimbo - This will allow you to equip two pistols at the same time.

Extended Clip - This will allow for a 50% increase in your magazine one your weapons. For instance if normally you carry 10 bullets, with extended mag you will carry 15 bullets.

Fast Mag - Well this has been known as dual mag on other games, but allows for switching mags every other clip to e twice as fast. This is pretty effective.

FMJ - This stands for full metal jackets, and will have deeper penetration on objects when shooting.

Fore Grip - This will have a significant effect on your weapon recoil.

Grenade launcher - Well this is your standard noob tube. Here you will find a weapon that allows for you to shoot a grenade, and take out those pesky weapons.

Hybrid Optic - This will allow you to switch between a red dot scope, and a ACOG scope.

Iron Sights - This will allow you to take the scope off of your sniper rifle. This is effective for you trick shooters out there, or those who are using a sniper rifle at closer ranges.

Black Ops 2 GuruLaser sight - This is pretty cool, and will greatly increase your hip fire accuracy, but also will make you significantly more visible by the enemy.

Long Barrel - This will increase the range of your weapon.

Millimeter scanner - This is a pretty cool new feature. This will allow you to see enemies up to 25 meters..

Quickdraw - This will allow you to aim your gun faster.

Rapid Fire - This will increase the fire rate of your weapon by 20%

Reflex sight - This is your standard red dot scope on the gun.

Select Fire - Probably one of the best new features of the game. This allows you to switch from a burst fire to automatic fire. This is a coop new feature, and I plan on trying this a lot more during the progress of the game.

Suppressor - This has been in EVERY COD game. This will allow your muzzle fire to be invisible, the gun will be quieter and will not show up on the mini-map when firing.

Tactical Knife - This will allow you to carry a knife on your off hand and allow for faster melee attacks when using a pistol.

Target Finder - This will identify enemies and highlight them in red on your red dot. This is pretty effective.

Variable zoom - This scope will allow for you to zoom on a few levels when scoping. Pretty effective on sniper rifles, although i prefer the regular scope.


So overall this is your list of weapon attachments. They really added a whole bunch of new attachments, which is a very effective, cool addition to the game. I will be doing another guide that talks about which weapons are in fact the best.

Have you found yourself missing an edge, when it comes to Black Ops 2? Maybe you have found that your friends seem to get more kills then you do. Or perhaps you die a lot more times. You might even have asked your friends for tips, but they can't quite put into words what they are doing different. Whatever the issue is, this guide will not only help you to get even in skills with your friends, but to surpass them so that they are asking you for tips, rather then the other way around.

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