Rapid Fire Weapon Script – BlackOps2

For those of you still playing BlackOps 2, this Rapid Fire Weapon Script will be a relief. It isn't a hack per se, there is no access of memory, no writing, no injecting. So the likelyhood where you will be VAC banned, is highly unlikely. However it's probably not a good idea to make videos nor show off how quickly you can take down mobs with this tool.

Learn to Street Fight

Rapid Fire Weapon Script

What this Rapid Fire Weapon Script does for you, is clicks keys for you faster then you can do it yourself.

Rapid Fire Weapon Script Features:

  • Rapid Fire Weapon Script - BlackOps2Rotates Character For Trickshots
  • Rapid Fire For Single Fire [ex: Fal]
  • Rapid Fire For Burst Fire [ex: M8A1] [This makes you LOOK like you're aiming at the floor while shooting!]
  • Rapid Fire For Shotgun Fire [ex: R870]
  • Rotating Speed Adjuster
  • Hot Keys

Instructions to use Rapid Fire Weapon Script:

  1. Download (see below)
  2. Run Script (its an exe)
  3. First checkbox the feature you want then click insert while in the game.
  4. Press delete to stop all running scripts.
  5. Press q and e to spin very fast!

Rapid Fire Weapon Script - BlackOps2

Download Rapid Fire Weapon Script

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