Beastbog Treasure Room Cheat – Blade and Soul

Treasure Room CheatThe Treasure Room Cheat for Blade and Soul, allows you to enter into the Treasure Room inside Beastbog, yet without the use of a map. You will need the key to the Beastbog Treasure Room, and the knowledge of how to use it to get in, but that's it.

Beastbog Treasure Room Cheat

I mentioned above that it's possible to use this Treasure Room Cheat to get into the Beastbog Treasure Room with only the Beastbog key, and without any maps nor map fragments.

Inside the Beastbog Treasure Room, you will be able to loot a chest that has some nice bounty in it, such as Naryu Tablet, an outfit (High Dragon Raiment), etc.

Here's how you do the Treasure Room Cheat to get into it, but without the use of maps and map fragments...

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