BNS Breast Size Modifier

Why would you want a Blade and Soul Breast Size Modifier? You might be thinking that you can already adjust the size of breasts when you create your character, and this is true. But what if you want to make them extra large? Thats when you need this Blade and Soul Breast Size Modifier tool. Using a simple tool, you will be able to modify the size of your character's breast size from large to extra large. Please note that this is not a modifier which will remove clothes on the character, just to adjust the size of the chest area.

Blade and Soul Breast Size Modifier

Blade and Soul Breast Size Modifier

In the image above, we were able to change the default max size of the breasts from 20, bringing them up to 40 (twice as large).

WARNING: There is a small amount of risk when using this program. It's theoretically possible some update to GameGuard could detect it in the future. But at this point, it's a non-bannable offense to use this program, even though it is injected into the game's memory.

Blade and Soul Breast Size Modifier Instructions

  • Blade and Soul Breast Size ModifierRun as admin
  • Have it open along with B&S. If you open B&S first, it should detect the process automatically. If it doesn't or you start the tool first, hit refresh to detect it.
  • Select the race+gender to modify.
  • Edit the values you want.
  • Make the game reload that portion of your body to see the change. You can change equipment, move the corresponding slider in character creation, go to character select and back, etc.
  • If you want to restart B&S, you can simply restart the game and hit refresh to detect the process again. It should update B&S with whatever values were set.
  • You can save/load profiles via the file menu to skip changing values each time you run the program.

Note: It will automatically detect the game and base address, meaning you do not need to change that value with every patch.

+ Very convenient and easy to use, changes show by just swapping costumes instead of having to relaunch the entire game.
+ Can save a default profile for auto-loading a modified preset.
+ Supported for many client versions.
- Uses a .dll injection (detected by GameGuard); may be considered as a malicious tool in the future and cause bans.


Download Blade and Soul Breast Size Modifier

Non-VIP Download | Guide: How to Bypass Surveys to download files

VIP Download (Password - See Below)

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).

Credit for this Blade and Soul Breast Size Modifier goes to Tinker for the original file, aakamrua for the idea, ronny1982 for his work in making a tool to uncompile and recompile the dat files, and GuyJustA for updating the program to work on current and future patches.

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