Blade and Soul Nude Mod – Free Download

Blade and Soul Nude ModBlade and Soul Nude Mod will allow you to change the default hidden style of characters within the game and give them the appearance of nudity. 

WARNING: This modification to Blade and Soul (aka BnS), may disturb some people as some of the character models look like teenagers. If you do not wish to see this Blade and Soul Nude Mod in action, then it's a good idea to steer away from this topic.

Blade and Soul Mastery Guide

Blade and Soul Nude Mod Instructions

  1. Blade and Soul Nude ModDownload and Install uMod
  2. Download Blade and Soul Nude Modification (see below)
  3. Click on [Add Game] ->{your BnS folder} Binaries\Client.EXE
  4. Turn on [Use Global Hook]
  5. Launch Blade and Soul (without uMod running)
    • (More options will now pop up)
  6. Click on [Open Texture/Package] and choose a mod.
  7. Click on [Update Reload]
  8. Change Texture resolution in the game options several times to get the mod to show.

Please remember that usage of mods to change character skins is usually allowed by game companies. However model modification is not. Since this is a little bit of both, we recommend you do NOT make videos of your character with this mod. However... if you do make a video for this nude mob, please do give credits with this site - and hide your character name for the safety of your account.

Download the Blade and Soul Nude Mod

Non-VIP Download | Mirror Guide: Bypass Surveys with Fake Info

VIP Member Download (password)

Blade and Soul Nude Mod created by Maiden7

4 Responses to Blade and Soul Nude Mod – Free Download

  1. KP says:

    None of the provided links work. The mod 404s, and the uMod link gives a page that talks about Texmod, and gives nothing useful.

  2. Spitt says:

    Hmmm. I downloaded uModv1 r44, since that’s the last stable version. Then I checked the wiki page, and verified that worked. TexMod, was renamed to uMod (Texture Mod -> Universal Modding Engine). – so use the link to follow the information on using uMod.

    The first link(s) to download is with a survey to fill out (see the guide to bypass surveys) – verified that the file is missing. The second link is for a Mega account, and has a password to download (VIP members can see the password to download). I have verified the second link does in fact work. I have re-uploaded the file to multiple survey sites so that you can download them without paying this site for the files. It should work now, remember to press SKIP AD at the top when following the link, when using the surveys to download.

    Please note: The downloads can’t be automated, and the links can’t have adblock turned off. If you tried to right click on the file and “save as”, it also won’t work. On the first link, you need to press “Skip Ad”, on the second, the red/white “X” button.

    Hope it helps and that you enjoy the download. Thank you for bringing the missing files to my attention.

  3. Justin says:

    I cant get it to work at all I start the and no options come up

  4. Justin says:

    what i meant is i start the game and no options show up at all i tried everything

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