Death and Recovery Guide for Blade and Soul

This is just a short Death and Recovery Guide for Blade and Soul, and gives you a brief overview of what you need to know about the death, the Worn out State, Chi Meditation, and team members help when you receive a killing blow in PVP.

Death and Recovery Guide for BNS

Blade and Soul Logo bnsTo understand this Death and Recovery Guide, you will first need to understand how we get there. Unlike most games, where the killing blow does in fact kill you, Blade and Soul has a different concept. In Blade and Soul, when you "die" that is, you receive that killing blow, you don't actually die. Instead you get the WORN OUT state. 

While in the Worn Out state, your heal decreases to 0, but you are still alive. Now at this point you can move to safety. Once in a safe place, you can use the ability “Chi Meditation” to recover your character's health. This is part of the Death and Recovery phase.

It's very important when you are in the Worn Out state that you protect yourself. You need to stay in that safe place and keep away from other players or mobs. If either of them hit you, just once, you die and there is little to do at this point, and not much to do, but the latter half of the Death and Recovery phase.

Now if you have a friend who is nearby, while you are in your Chi Meditation state, should they approach you, if they click the F key, they can help you to recover much more quickly. But if a non-friend approaches, run away. If 3 team mates heal a worn out team member, then the person who is in the Worn Out state will recover in about 10 seconds. If no friends are nearby, then it will take about 40 seconds.

At this point, you can then heal the rest of the way quickly, and be ready to fight. This doesn't count as a death from the mob or other players, but should you be hit while in the worn out state, then you will be teleported to the nearest Blade and Soul village - or you can just wait to revive - the final stage of Death and Recovery in BnS.

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