ProClicker AutoClick Macro Source & Download

ProClicker AutoClick Macro SourceThere are plenty of autoclickers out there, but most of them won't hold a click. This ProClicker AutoClick Macro will click and hold, then release with random durations. Now the author of this script, compiled it and gives it away, but for our members, you can get the source and in return run it as an AutoHotKey script - or borrow the source and use it to learn and make your own Macros and Scripts in AHK.

ProClicker AutoClick Macro Source

If you just want to download and run the Proclicker Autoclick Macro, you won't need this source code. However if you want to play with it and make it your own, or edit it in any way, then you will want to get the source below, which is available to our VIP Members.

ProClicker AutoClick Macro Download:

Windows 64 bit • Windows 32 bit 
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ProClicker AutoClick Macro Source:

Source Instructions:

  • Download/Install AutoHotKey
  • Copy the above source code to a text editor like NotePad
  • Save file as <script name>.ahk
  • Right click to run the script

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