Guild Wars 2: GW2 Minion Finally Released

We hear complaints about bots like crazy. Everyone who plays has been complaining about them. The follow the same path over an over, and don't even look "human". One of them works so amazingly well, that it blows the competition away. While it's likely that the other bots will be banned due to automation, Gw2 Minion doesn't work in the same way. You see, most bots run paths. This means they run from Point A to Point B, then to Point C, and Point D. Then they go back to Point A, and start everything again. Now they might add in a jump or 2, to prove.. they can jump or maybe to look like they aren't automated, but they are.

Gw2 Minion is a bit different. It allows you to lay a mesh over an area, which the bot will then freely roam in the area. What this does for you, is to take out the Point A, B, C, D and repeat back over and over.

Besides that, the main features come from the open LUA API, where it is easy to load multiple little tools and helper-modules into gw2minion and use them for example to assist your gameplay like auto-cast on walls in WvWvW, auto-follow, automatically respawn your pets, etc.

Currently the PvE part is working nicely, a randomized "TaskManager" that prioritizes the next main goal from a list of dynamically generated tasks is finding its way into the bot by the end of this week. This will randomly make the bot pick a goal like "discover way-point, walk to the next point of interest, roam near a HeartQuest giver or take part in an event, gather, kill etc." and pursue this for some time. So ANet will never be able to see any repeating pattern and therefore can't do anything on detecting and banning them in this method (They use server side behavior analysis to flag & ban bots).

So the main Gw2 Minion features right now (more being added every day) are:

  • Flawless navigation
  • Full ingame GUI (no external windows etc.)
  • Flexible lua module loader for different addons to use
  • Easy to use, just load a NavigationMesh, press "Load lua modules", press Start, thats it, nothing to setup
  • Full Background and Multiclient Support
  • Ingame 3D Radar / ESP
  • Superb build in Security, that prevents any kinds of scans or similiar detection routines used by other games (Although GW2 is not doing any active client side scans right now, but this may change in future)
  • Not coded in slow .NET and also not plaqued with permanent crashes like the other bots our there ūüėČ

The PvE bot (which itself is a LUA module) is able to:

  • Fight, Revive other Players, Respawn and so on, the usual stuff
  • Gather (checks if you got the correct gathering tool equipped)
  • Sell (automatically picks the nearest Vendor on the NavigationMesh, nothing the user has to setup)
  • Salvaging
  • Repair equippment (same as Sell)
  • NPC Conversations
  • Automatically checks what class you are playing and what weapon is equipped

Fully automated sPvP will be worked on after this weekend, it should find its way in rather fast since we have a pretty solid basis and users are already sharing some nice tools/lua modules in the forum.

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