GW2: MMO Minion for GW2 Progress & UI

The Rift Minion bot, is an excellent bot, well coded, and isn't like most of the path bots out there. Path bots, go in the same circle all day, and are easy to spot. It's part of the reason I promote it on this site. Well MMO Minion is also hard at work at their GW2 counterpart, and here's a couple screenshots, which shows off not only the GUI, but also the Area of Attack, which isn't just a path, but an area the bot will patrol...

Quote: fxfire

Here are some first preview pics of the GUI we plan to use, it is super flexible and you can minimize every window to a tiny icon (you can see them in the upper left corner of each picture). Really love that UI, and the best: We will add back in a fully supported LUA - API where you not only can use the bot-functions to create your own behavior (or even bot!) but also you will be able to easily design your own GUI windows, buttons and functions!

GW2 MMOMinion Preview 1

GW2 MMOMinion Preview 2

GW2 MMOMinion Preview 3

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