SWTOR: New Spacebot with Crewskills Leveling + Source Included

If you recall, Lucky's Spacebot could so quite a few runs, but there was always one major problem with it. Because it used pixel detection, there were always some runs it had trouble doing. Worse it was extremely difficult to setup, when there were tight spots to navigate through, like randomly appearing asteroids. This bot doesn't have those problems because it will allow you to actually record your mission run and then replay it over and over, without costing you $30 or more a year.

This bot can run on Windows 7 (aero enabled) and Windows 8. While it might work with older versions, it hasn't been tested for them. Also, it's only been tested on the English client. Again, it might work with other languages, but that might take some tweaking to get it to work.

This can be run as a Spacebot (you will need to be on your spaceship for this), or as a Crewskills bot (can be located anywhere).


NOTE: This uses AutoIt, and may be detected as a virus or trojan by some AntiVirus/FireWalls.

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