SWTOR: Standalone Space Mission Bot level 15-50 afk

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22 Responses to SWTOR: Standalone Space Mission Bot level 15-50 afk

  1. Spitt says:

    Updated to latest version, various bug fixes.

  2. grovian says:

    There is a even newer version out now!

  3. blackheart says:

    Yes there is, and I have been testing each and every version with my Sith Inq. The version released today, was the first version I have been able to get to do the Ezran space mission. At level 29, I was leaving it on Sarapin. While it did level, it was slower.

  4. blackheart says:

    Updated the bot to the latest version, have included some gear requirements for the ships, and added some more tips that may help you to get this to work for your computer (bottom 3 tips).

  5. Grovian says:

    Updated once again lol 4.05

  6. blackheart says:

    Yup, he likes updating it, which is a good thing in our book. I am kind of surprised he hasn’t added the anti-afk/bank function into it, since it would simply be a matter of searching for the cancel button in the middle of the screen or jumping every few minutes (or both). Would be easy for him to add that and then offer just a crew skills bot. However when you think about it, you could just farm the lowest space mission and get the same effect, while still farming Fleet Commendations.

  7. Zeial says:

    I was thinking about getting a membership for this but does the new version support Bounty hunters?

  8. blackheart says:

    I can’t say. Someone told me that it works for troopers now, but idk if that means that it works for BH. Check out this bot for your BH.

  9. mmofreak says:

    This seems to be broken after patch 1.2
    It runs 1 mission then stops.

  10. blackheart says:

    That’s correct, we are waiting for a new update. 1.2 made some changes to the game, and broke the bot hopefully only temporarily.

    One thing I want to mention, is that commendations are now only gained from doing daily quests (as of patch 1.2). Currently this bot does not support that, so hopefully that can also be added.

    Couple possible solutions which might work temporarily, move the window to the proper position (upper left corner), slightly offset and away from top/left by about 10-15 pixels. Also instead of using alternative adaptive mission, use standard mission.

    Once it’s updated, we will let you know.

  11. blackheart says:

    Another solution which people have been trying and some have succeeded with, is to re-save the images like “accept”, “cancel”, “ok”, etc.

    Also, don’t forget to turn the right quickbar on again. This is now done through a different settings window, which allows you to change the layout of the gui.

  12. blackheart says:

    Updated to v4.1, for SWTOR 1.2

  13. Spitt says:

    Updated to v4.2. Includes Daily Missions and Standalone Crew Skills leveling – works for patch 1.2

  14. rogue says:

    I saw a newer version of this on another site.

  15. Spitt says:

    It has become open source, and means there are updates daily now. Hared to keep up – especially without knowing if people are interested in us keeping it up to date.

  16. Spitt says:

    Updated to v5.2
    Space mission botting
    Crew skill leveling (optional stand-alone)

  17. mdubb77 says:

    How do I download the bot? The download says page not found.
    Im new, any help would be great.

  18. Spitt says:

    I have updated this bot to the latest version and uploaded it to a different file host. See the link above to download.

  19. Spitt says:

    Per the Devs, they are working on Bounty Hunter/Trooper/Sith, to work on certain missions now as well.

    Our newest version is 5.34 but our latest unstable is 5.35 r157 and we are heavily at work developing the 5.35 Version 6.0 is going to be a huge change. In it we are streamlining code and rewriting the bot. That intention is to make setup super simple where all you have to do is unrar or open the 7z file. We also are now build a x64 version. The only benefit the x64 has is better memory management. However, both are about roughly the same in resources. We are talking LOTS of new features come 6.0 and a few more features are being thrown into the 5.3x line.

  20. Spitt says:

    Updated the bot to the latest versions (now includes x64 and x86 versions) along with FAQ and other pertinent information. Additionally, all can now see the post and is open for all to read.

  21. Lynne Taylor says:

    found a revised version with updates they say , so far so good

  22. Kyle J Spaulding says:

    Hey just wanted to say this is an amazing thing that you guys put out there! i went from 29-36lv in one whole night!!! and got 250k !!! (imp agent) everything works like a charm but i only have one QQ if thats ok with you guys? If i were to donate $5.00 USD would i get the 6.0 version?? Or i guess you could say “What are the perks of donating?” Thats my question :-) You have helped me out so very much! thanks alot and i look forward to donating 4 sure!

    PS: i dont run it every night . just in case… is that ok also?

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