Diablo 3: Auction House Bot – Auto Snipe

This D3 Auction bot is a C++ open source LUA scripted Diablo 3 auction house bot, which will allow you to compile it yourself as well as to make your own scripts to make it do what ever you want.

Major features supported:

  • LUA functions exposing key AH operations
  • Works with D3 window in background (see NOTES)
  • Several sample bots included
  • Multiple client support
  • Multiple language support (english, russian, chinese)

Included Bots

  • SnipeBuyout: Traditional buyout bot that will buyout loop first item.
  • SnipeDps: Will buyout loop first item if when desired DPS.
  • LogResults: Sets filters and scans all results logging all items to a file
  • LogStash: Logs all items in your stash. Includes item sell example.
  • BestMojo: Finds the highest damage mojo.
  • GemMiner: More complex and useful bot that scans multiple searches for cheap listings with expensive gems.

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