Diablo 3 Banwave

Have you botted, even in the past? Oops. Seems like Blizzard has been tracking you, for some time now. Reports are now flooding in, that Demonbuddy and D3 Mimic users are now receiving massive bans. This goes for peeps who only played a few hours a day, to those who played them 12+ hours a day. In other words, you’ve been caught, and it’s time to accept the consequences.

On the other hand, if you happen to have some mule accounts, loaded with billions of gold and rare items… profit is to be made here. I don’t know if affected accounts have had their auctions taken down, but we can expect bots to be down for at least the next week or so, while they try to figure out how they got caught.

If you were thinking of using a bot on your account… don’t.


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