Final Fantasy 14 Fish Bot

Here is a brand new casting bot for people. This casting bot can do everything you can need. advisable of all you can change use it cast minimized. The downside is it injects into the game client but you should still be fine since ff14 has pretty much zero detection when it comes to detecting bots at least.


  • Smart fishing
  • Quick reaction times
  • Bot cast minimized
  • Bait changing support
  • Set a time for the bot to rest
  • Error catcher
  • Stop the bot anytime during any function (Hotkey)
  • Exit the bot quickly with (Hotkey)
  • Real time watcher (Shows your current status)
  • Fish obtained
  • Fish lost
  • Current time and time that the bot stops
  • Easy update of bot after patches (No downloading required)
  • Easy configuration
  • Fish statistics

- Warning -
This bot accesses and "reads" FFXIV memory. This in term violates the EULA by "data mining". Use at your own risk!!

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