FFXIV Fishing and Crafting Bot

This is a FFXIV Fishing and Crafting Bot for Final Fantasy 14. Once it's all setup, you will be good to go as long as you do not change the resolution settings on your computer. The best thing about this type of bot, is that it is virtually undetectable. It does not directly interact with the game, so you don't mess with the offsets, which could be scanned for, and cause a suspension or ban.FFXIV Fishing and Crafting BotThis FFXIV Fishing and Crafting Bot uses pixel-colors within the game to operate.
The user must record the pixels before using the bot.
Once the pixels are record the bot can operate by using the pixels as reference points.

Each time the FFXIV Fishing and Crafting Bot is started the user must record the resolution (by pressing a button) of their FF XIV window.
Doing this captures the win-handle so the bot can send keystrokes and capture pixels from the ID of the window.

Important Notes

Only supports English version of FF XIV
Only supports default FF XIV text (MS UI Gothic)
Recommended graphics settings: "Standard"
Recommended resolution: 1600x1024
Do not touch FF XIV window while bot is running
Record resolution and pixels before running the bot
Look at example images if you do not know what to record
Before recording pixel move the craft/fish/hotbar windows to the top left

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  1. Drakie says:

    not able t download.. link invalid

  2. hashbrowns says:

    Updated to newest version, includes source code

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