WoW: Fully Automated Leveling Bot – No Detection – Shadow Bot

What is Shadow Bot? ShadowBot is from the makers of PocketGnome, a Mac only WoW leveling bot. Instead of making a bot which hooks WoW, has to copy to memory and basically bypass Warden, Shadowbot is a more passive approach. It will read memory and hook the mouse, but other then that it simply sends keypresses and mouse-movements. Can you still get suspended for it's use? Sure you can, if someone reports you. But WoW itself currently has no detection system in place for a read only bot.

Shadow Bot is an easy to use bot for World of Warcraft, recently updated for Mists of Pandaria!. It enables you to:

  • Level 1-90
  • PvP
  • Questing (currently in alpha, MoP dailies and 1-10 supported)
  • Grind mobs, automatically moving to the next area!
  • Gather ore/herbs
  • Loot, Skin, Fish
  • Automatically vendor, repair and restock food/drink
  • Automated behaviors, no class configuration necessary!

...and more!

It leverages a navigational mesh technology which permits randomization of all routes. This gives your character more human-like characteristics. And Shadow Bot is 100% fully passive, using no injection as other bots do which may cause random crashes.

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