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TS-Bot, (tradeskills), is a free to use tradeskill leveling bot, which will allow you to easily and effortlessly raise your tradeskills up, hands free.  No more sitting at the computer, doing the tedious work of leveling your skills up, this script will do it for you, leaving you time to do other things.TSBot Recipe List

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As some of you might know, TS BOT has closed down due to the increase in SOE's detection software since EQ2Extended launched.

This is a sad day my friends but after 5 years I am closing down my macro project. If you continue to use it be aware you will probably get banned but if you use any tool you will probably as well. I was banned on two accounts and the only thing they shared were the same ip and the usage of my macro.

With a very sad remorse and a lot of lost time creating and debugging V7 (it was a far cry more advanced than ever before) I must leave the macro scene. Thanks to EQ2x I think a lot of macro writers will leave the scene because I know two (one myself and one a real hack) that have been banned. Now, not a soul has said they got banned from my tool so I might be the first or it could be because the second account received a suspension for using Demon and never used it again but they banned both accounts simultaneously weeks later. For this reason I do not want anyone getting banned because they are using my tool.

You don't know how sad I am at this moment and the reinstatement of my account that never used a "hack" is no longer an issue with me as I play LOTRO anyway but I just don't want someone losing their account, or a possibility of losing it, the way I did. They simply tell you that you are banned and close it by saying "Have a nice day." If you want more info they will tell you that is privileged information yet you are the person they used that info against to ban. That is tyranny at its finest and not something I will tolerate so I will move on since it is "their game." (DaMOB EQ2 TSBot)
Loads of players have already been banned / suspended.

2 Responses to EQ2: TSBot Easy crafting bot

  1. msmith says:

    the download link is to a language translation tool !! and rhe http link doesnt work !!!

  2. Spitt says:

    Unfortunately, this bot was removed from the scene with SOE’s updated macro and tool detection, back in December 2010. I suspect if you want any kind of decent game hack/bot you will have to go with ISXEQ2 http://www.isxgames.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=16

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