EVE: Auto mining easy to set up bot

Some times you just want to bot, rather then doing drudge work.  This is an auto-mining bot which will take some of the dredge out of the game for you.  It's very easy to set-up, and there are no monthly payments to pay to use this bot.  It's very well set up, but following are the instructions to use it anyways.

The Settings

Number of times to run
number of complete cycles from undocking to mining to docking.

Minutes to mine for
How long you want to mine for. If your ship finishes mining quickly, set it lower. Might need some testing. If your ship has a cargo of about 150, 5 minutes should be enough.

Sell after mining
This will sell your ore when docked. If you want to see how much you've mined, set to no.

Number of lasers to use
To use more than one laser, put your lasers in the first slots. and select how many you want to use.

Asteroid belt to use
The numbers relate to the order of the asteroid belts in the context menu. For example, the first one in the context menu is number 1.

Station Bookmark Exists
Discovery uses bookmarks to warp back to the station. A bookmark will be made for you if you change this setting to No. If Discovery has already made a bookmark, change it to Yes.

Station Bookmark Name
This is the name of the station bookmark. You can change this to anything, or leave as 'Station'.

Random Asteroid Belt
To randomly pick an asteroid belt, check 'choose random belt each cycle' and select how many belts there are in the system.

Number of Asteroids to Mine
Select the number of different asteroids to mine at once.

Bookmark Asteroids
To use this function, you'll need to make a bookmark of an asteroid belt (if you don't select search for asteroids your ship will start mining from the bookmark. Select it to have your ship travel a bookmark). Then check 'User bookmarks to asteroids' and select the number of bookmarks you've made. Discovery will then select a bookmark at random and warp to it.

Server Downtime
This function lets you make discovery pause when EVE is down and log back in when it becomes online again. Enter your account details and the hours of downtime and uptime.

Starting Point
This lets you select where your ship is so you don't have to login and or move your ship. Just select where your ship is.

This is a group of functions to do when Discovery has completed the mining.

CTRL+P = pause
CTRL+N = make a new macro and discard old

You can change values that you shouldn't normally want to change here. If you open settings.ini you'll see different times to wait and other useful options. There are descriptions for each setting.

Instructions on How to Use

Basic Usage

This is a quick step by step guide to get the bot up and running as quickly as possible.

Run Discovery and Eve.
Make the sidebar thin.
Make the cargo window as small as possible and put it in the bottom left of the screen.
Make the items window as small as possible and put it above the cargo window. Then close it (Discovery will reopen it).
Open people and places, make it as small as possible and put it in the bottom right.
Put the selected window in the top right and make it as small as possible.
Position the overview directly below it. Sort the overview in distance order - closest at the top.
Set the overview to filter only asteroids (arrow next to overview > open overview settings > deselect all > click asteroids and tick all.
Press esc and set to a resolution of 1024x786 and fullscreen. Then set EVE to auto reject all invitations and auto target back to 0.
Dock at a station, press start and Discovery will begin.
If you've changed the settings in the past, make sure your context font size is 10 and the font width is normal.

Advanced Usage
This guide is for people who want to increase speed or performance.

Using Bookmarks

This feature will make Discovery warp to your set bookmark(s) and mine from that point. The first thing you'll need to do it to make your bookmarks. You can either set Discovery to mine from one asteroid and not search when depleted or search for the closest from the bookmark. You can set up to 5 bookmarks (they don't have to be in the same belt).

Open Discovery, go to the General tab and check 'use bookmarks to asteroids?' to activate the feature. Below this is the option to search for the closest asteroid. Check this to suit. Finally, select the number of bookmarks you've made.

Discovery will cycle through the bookmarks, picking the next in line each loop.

Random Asteroid Belt

To avoid suspicion from other miners, you can activate this feature. Discovery will select an asteroid belt at random. Check 'choose random belt each cycle?' and then select the number of asteroid belts in the system.

Server Downtime

To have Discovery log you back in when the server comes back online after being down, enter your account details and the times at which the server is going to be down. It's recommended to offset these times about 10-15 minutes. This monitors your pc clock, so you'll have to work out the time different. For example, if you're in Norway, the server would go down at 12am if the server's going down at 11am in the Icelandic time zone.

Can Miner

Can Miner will repeatedly move mined ore to a jettison can for you to pick up at a later date. 'Minutes between transfer' - this is the amount of time Discovery will wait while your ship mines. The ship must not finish mining, so 'minutes between transfer' must be before the cargo is full. 'Number of times to transfer' is the number of times you want the mined ore to be dragged into the can

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