Lotro: Alternative G15 / G19 LCD App

Written by Vindalfur of Brandywine

LotroLCD is an attempt to use the LCD on the Logitech G15/G19 keyboards for something useful while playing LOTRO.

The default applet from Turbine only displays redundant information and is hence quite useless. As far as I know LotroLCD does not violate any EULA or Code of Conduct from Turbine or Codemasters since there are already other utilities which parse LOTRO logs in real-time and display the information (on a second screen for dual monitor setup) which are recognized and allowed, the same should apply to LotroLCD.

Lotro LCD shows information about spell timers, combat statistics and anything else that can be found in Lotro log files on your LCD in realtime.

Here is a sample of what can be shown:

The application can be used without the user having a Logitech keyboard, a user can simply install the logitech drivers for the G15, hold down shift and ctrl and right click the "Logitech LCD Manager" in the tray area of your taskbar (lower right corner of your screen), this will enable you to open up an Emulator window of either G15 or G19 type.
If you have installed the driver but the "Logitech LCD Manager" is not shown in your tray you might need to start it manually from: C:Program FilesLogitechGamePanel SoftwareLCD ManagerLCDMon.exe

The emulator window will show everything just like it would appear on a real Logitech LCD, typically this would only be useful if users have a dual monitor setup and can keep the emulator on other screen from the Lotro client.

If you want to use the msg/timer functionality with a single keypress action/msg and you don't have a logitech keyboard you will have to manually create a custom lotro.keymap as explained in the KeyMapReadMe.txt included with the program.

If you think this could be helpful you might want to check out my Logitech G15/G19 LotroLCD application and my Logitech G15 keyboard profile (includes scripts and macros for buffing group)

I highly recommend that you read the ReadMe file that comes with the application, here is a short extract for those who want to get started right away:

LotroLCD is designed to read input from a message log and the combat log.
The two log files are written by LOTRO to:
%USERPROFILE%My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings Online where %USERPROFILE% is the home directory of the current user. (typically C:Usersusername or C:Documents and Settingsusername)

These files have names which follow the following convention:


In order for Lotro LCD to initialize at least one file matching each of those patterns needs to exist. Until both files are found LotroLCD will display an error msg and inform you the log files are missing.

LotroLCD does not yet have a standard UI, once launched everything you see is shown on the LCD screen (or emulator).

Please note that due to a bug this directory can only contain logs from your logged in character, logs from other characters might mean that LotroLCD will not automatically sense new log files.

You will need to start logging for both the combat channel and IM's manually every time you log in to your character.

To log IM's to yourself first send yourself a message, then right click IM's, go to Chat Logging and select START LOGGING YOURCHARNAME.
To log combat right click the Combat tab and go to CHAT LOGGING and select START LOGGING.

Directly under the LCD there are four oval buttons (square in the emulator, these are called softbuttons.
They are identified as buttons 1-4 counting from left to right.

In LotroLCD the buttons function as follows:

Button1 clears all data from screen (buffers) (for example if you die you could do this)
Button2 Displays a mixed screen with both timers and combat data
Button3 Displays a timer only screen.
Button4 Displays a combat data only screen.

LotroLCD currently only supports the English Lotro client, additional language support will be added in a future version.

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