Runescape: RSBot Upgraded to v2.1 – The Reformation

RSBot quickly became the most used Bot of any that has ever been seen. By being free and open RSBot has become a global phenomena with over 10 million downloads and the largest RuneScape cheating community in existence. However, this huge growth could not possibly have been anticipated by the original developers and unfortunately they were never able to bring the project up to scratch. Through its initial weak design the Bot suffered delayed updates and a lacking presence of robust and high-quality scripts over the past three years.

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They have know made a second version of the RuneScape Bot, There have been many thing's added to the new version such as multiple tab's meaning that you can Bot more than one account instead of just one saving a lot of time and is also easy to start a script making it very user friendly, The software is now also more advance making script's more reliable, efficient and run more consistently, The most incredible thing for me is that this Bot can now run night and day with ease being able to do random event's with 100% accurate solution's.

All in all this is one of the best performing free Bots around to date beating any competitor's by far and even beating the ones you have to pay for, I strongly advise that if you're looking for a Bot choose this one they have a great community that is growing rapidly, this is by far the best choice for any person who Bots.

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