Runescape: Working Bots, Macros, & Scripts

It seems that Jagex has been going through and rampaging the internet, forcefully taking down all the bots it could. The only survivors, seem to be programs which were not intentionally made to run Runescape automation scripts, but do have some writers making them.

If you have a bit of knowledge, you can compile RSbot, in order to macro Runescape. However if you aren't sure what you are doing, you might run into some problems, since there are no support forums for the bot (thanks to Jagex). However the source code is freely available via SourceForge.

Another example is SCAR. But the actual SCAR forums, don't have any recent scripts, so most of them will give errors when trying to be run. Really not a viable option, unless you plan to make your own scripts.

Another option, which seems to be a fork off of SCAR, is SRL (SRL Resource Library).  SRL has very active forums and more recent scripts, so seems to be the best way to go if you want to bot Runescape.

While SRL does seem to be the best option, due to all the take down notices and lawsuits, there might be alternative options out there, such as AutoHotKey and AutoIt. I checked ACTool, but that one is definitely not an option, seeing as there are no scripts and the forums do not get updated often anymore.

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