STO: Distribute shields every second (Nerfed as of May 2010)

Using a simple click based scripting program, which you can bind and loop, you can make a simple macro to redistribute your shields every second.  For our members, here's one in a popular macro program.

Download autohotkey

For the script, make a txt file and type:

F4 UP::
Send, {9 DOWN}{9 UP}
Sleep, 1000
Send, {9 DOWN}{9 UP}

F5:: Pause

Save file as an .ahk file

place the distribute shields in the #9 hotbar

What this will do is: when you press F4 it will send a command to distribute shields every second. you can pause and unpause this with the F5 button

You can also make use of this as a ground officer such as adding a HP Regen ability in the #9 hotbar. will kinda keep the ability active.


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