Warhammer: HackPack, Zeabot, WarExDLL

If you have been living in the dark ages of gaming, then likely you have never heard of these programs.  On the other hand, for a small donation to the people who make these programs, you will have access to them.

WarExtDLL is an extension that can be loaded into memory, when Warhammer is online, which will allow you to run some specialized hacks for Warhammer.

Zeabot, uses the WarExtDLL file, in order to automate the casting of spells.

HackPack is a compilation of smaller hacks, such as Line of Sight, Flying, Teleport (warp), and MapHack.


  1. Warhammer Online is no longer a valid game. I think you are thinking of Warhammer Vermantide, the 4 player cooperative FPS game, for which this has no bearing.

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