Tactics – Beginner and Intermediate tips TacticsAfter playing Agario for just a few hours, I have come up with some fun Tactics. Have you tried yet? There are similar games to, in that you try to eat up smaller organisms, to become larger, and eventually reign supreme. Or at least that's the hope. Reality isn't often that good.

It's a good strategy game, with pvp qualities, alliances, back stabbing, and multi player, similar to Chess, but with a lot more players on the board at all times. The more time you spend on a game, the more levels you achieve, the more coins you get, and of course more free skins.

Osmos is one of the more famous of these types of games, but is multiplayer and can have upwards of 30k people playing on a server. Tactics and Strategies

So let's talk about those Tactics and strategies I came up with for beginners and intermediate players. I should start by saying that none of these are fool proof, but I have had quite a bit of fun with them. Tactics

Aftter 5 hours, my top score Tactics and Strategies:

  • Start out by collecting food, which are the small colored blips on the screen. You don't have to limit yourself to just one color, collect them all.
  • While collecting food, try to stay near the outer edges of the screen. I have found that the top and bottom tend to work best to collecting mass. 
  • Stay on those edges, while getting larger and don't stray to the middle too often even to chase after prey.
  • If you are being chased, it's a good idea to move towards a spikey knob (see image above). Try to keep it between you and the predator.
  • By Pressing the Space Bar, you can divide into smaller blobs. This can help you in 2 ways...
    1. When you become smaller, you can move faster.
    2. If you "feed" the predator, they grow bigger, and also slower.
  • Remember that the smaller you are, the less of the screen you can see. This in turn means that larger blogs are more likely to see you, so you have to have quick reactions when one is approaching.
  • You can Eject mass, by pressing W. This will allow you to feed predators too, but you can also feed the spikey knobs, and make them grow larger.
  • You can hide underneath a spikey knob, if  you're small enough. In the image above, I was hiding underneath, which also allowed me to feed on smaller blobs which also tried to hide under it.
  • To Merge 2 or more smaller bodies (if used to escape), move them in one direction, having the faster and smaller units follow. When they get really close - almost touching, reverse direction, so the bigger one can absorb.
  • You can only use one account at a time... kind of. It's possible to feed a blob, but if you're going to do this, it might be a good idea to play with a friend who will collect and protect you - or play on a team or friend server.
    • If you're really desperate to play more then one account at a time, use a sandbox like Sandboxie AND we recommend forcing the traffic through a VPN, such as HMA or CyberGhost.
  • You can force a predator blob to break up, by throwing mass into a spikey knob, when you're near it, and the predator is coming at you.
  • Sometimes I like to act as a feeder for my team members. I collect mass, then press W to feed friendlies. It can also be a way to stop predators from attacking you, by making you a smaller target.
  • This one is more of a psychological tip. Don't use skins. Using skins lets your opponent know your level and maybe more weary of you, making the game harder to play. If I see a Lumberjack, I know the person is high level, and will give the person more girth. On the other hand, the person using a standard name, like Bob with no skin will get me to take more chances.
  • One final tip - you can make yourself less of a target, by not allowing the game to show your count or strength. It's nice to know that you have 247 mass, but someone looking at you, who knows they have a higher mass can use it to trap you.
  • If you're getting screen lag, this happens when the grid gets smaller. It could mean you need a new grafix card. So try adjusting settings lower. If this doesn't work for you, then check out Amazon's amazing deals for a new grafix card. Tactics

7 hours into the game, following my own advice, getting better and better, playing longer and longer.

I am sure there are more Tactics I could share with you, but this should be enough to get you started. This seemingly simple game is like an every evolving game of chess, where levels get harder and harder. Even those at the top use some of these tactics, and will need to constantly evolve their strategies to remain on top.

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