If you're playing then play with some basic Mods. Really there is only one mod which I really use more then anything else - zoom.  Well that's not completely true. I also like to remove my background completely, so that I am just looking at all black.

[content-egg module=Amazon] Mods ModsThere are several different Mods, but overall they do the same things. Some will let you choose which servers - I don't recommend this, unless you plan on playing with peeps you know outside the game. Some will show your FPS - but if you have server lag, this won't do anything for you since your render speed is not the same as server lag. Some will allow you to choose custom backgrounds - and this is a neat feature, but it won't help your game any, and could hurt it a bit as the colors can interfere with what you see.

So of the Mods available out there, I suggest looking for one which has zoom (scroll in/out with mouse wheel), remove background (show black only), and a very few will let you play at low resolution - but this means your snake looks more complete rather then connected balls.

There is one caveat to using these mods - you should have Google Chrome installed, as most of them are available via the Google Chrome Store. There might be a few which use Tampermonkey - in which case they can be used across various browsers, but I don't know of any off hand. That doesn't mean there aren't any, just that I haven't searched the various script hubs for any.

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There are quite a few mods, but for the purpose of this guide, I am going to direct you to one I know works, click here. Open the site with Google Chrome and then click on "Add to Chrome". Once you do, I also recommend that you allow it to work in incognito, but that you hide it from the menu. 

If you installed it correctly, then you can goto and play with the new features and new speed.

TIP: Press CTRL-SHIFT-N and then in the new window open Doing so, will greatly increase your speed within the game. This is an incognito window which will help minimize the impact on your system, thus increasing your game speed.

I mentioned that I liked zoom the most. Here's why... I can zoom out to see who is going to try to surround me or cut me off, before they get close. I can then zoom back in, when I am corralling another snake and doing tight turns, ensuring I don't hit the other snake, while cutting off it's room. I can also zoom out to see where some extra food is, which someone else hasn't yet grabbed. While it's not a great cheat, it's one of the best ones currently available and it's available in many free Mods.

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