WoW: Become hard to target in Battlegrounds for 5-10 minutes

This is more of a trick rather then an exploit, but using it you can become hard to target for 5-10 minutes in a battleground. It doesn't work in Arenas however.

All you need to do, is queue for a battleground, and then goto Dalaran's seedier part of the city, the sewers. Now when the BG Window pops, use an Underbelly elixir. Keep trying the potions until you become a wasp. The wasp won't allow you to fly, but it will turn you into a small target. Next, you will need to use Al-Li's Skymirror and target yourself. This will create a shadowy version of the wasp which now works for 10 minutes. Enter the battlegrounds.

The wasp form won't break on combat, and will allow you to kind of hide by being a small target, and somewhat hard to see. This should also work with Hallowed Wand-Bat or other appearance changing items.


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