D3: Top Skills by Witch Doctor’s via highest Paragon players

I decided to take a break and compiled a list of skills used, as I am currently leveling a Witch Doctor to 60 and am wondering what people were using for their skills. I decided to check out the top rated Paragon characters, as this would give me a better idea on what the characters build’s were like, which were dominating the upper levels. Here’s what I came up with.

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Top Used Skills out of 25 Witch Doctors:


  • 24 use Spirit Walk
  • 21 use Gargantuan
  • 17 use Zombie Charger (all Bears)
  • 17 use Summon Zombie Dogs
  • 11 use Big Bad Voodoo
  • 10 use Soul Harvest
  • 8 use Poison Dart
  • 8 use Acid Cloud
  • 5 use Firebomb
  • 5 use Grasp of the Dead
  • 5 use Corpse Spiders
  • 4 use Sacrifice
  • 4 use Plague of Toads
  • 3 use Spirit Barrage
  • 3 use Locust Swarm
  • 3 use Horrify
  • 1 uses Fetish Army
  • 1 uses Mass Confusion


  • 22 use Spirit Vessel
  • 15 use Jungle Fortitude
  • 10 use Pierce the Veil
  • 7 use Vision Quest
  • 6 use Blood Ritual
  • 4 use Spiritual Attunement
  • 3 use Gruesome Feast
  • 3 use Grave Injustice
  • 2 use Circle of Life
  • 2 use Zombie Handler
  • 1 uses Tribal Rites

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Data gathered from diabloprogress.com. I hope this is useful/interesting for some of you to read.


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